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Roadblocks to Case Acceptance for Sleep Apnea Therapy

Many dentists prefer not to use the word “sell” when it comes to encouraging a patient to sign on for an important treatment like sleep apnea therapy. But selling is exactly the name of the persuasion you must use to convince a patient to invest in a helpful and sometimes life-saving oral health treatment like dental sleep medicine.

Mistakes Dentists Make When Selling Sleep Apnea Therapy

There are roadblocks that some dental teams create themselves when it comes to increasing case acceptance. Acknowledging these drawbacks and facing them head-on will help increase conversion rates and get patients the important care they need.

  • Not tapping into what matters to your patient: Your patient may not see the point of sleep apnea therapy, especially if it involves wearing something to bed every night that could affect their teeth or annoy their partner. What matters to your patient is convenience, affordability, and ease of use. Make sure they know their OSA options that will work with their budget and lifestyle.
  • Not personalizing the solution: One patient may sleep with their dog, who doesn’t care if they snore. Another patient may sleep with their partner and maybe even some kids, in which case the snoring affects all. Personalize a patient’s solutions to their unique way of life and get them excited about restorative sleep and a livable, workable, affordable solution.
  • Not highlighting the value of the treatment: Patients don’t automatically understand the value behind a dental treatment when they don’t know how it works and why it’s necessary. It’s even harder to make a patient see the connection between dental care and sleep apnea therapy. Make it clear how significant OSA treatment is and why it’s essential for good health.
  • Not helping them see that the future will be better with this investment: Do you highlight just how integral quality sleep is to health and wellness? Do you explain what sleep apnea is and why treatment matters? If they don’t sleep well because of obstructive sleep apnea, they set themselves up for a future plagued by illnesses and negative health conditions. For some, untreated sleep apnea can be fatal.

Embrace Dental Sleep Medicine Training

If your dental practice is new to sleep apnea therapy and you are just starting to offer this new form of therapy at your practice, you’ll need several tools and techniques to help you get comfortable presenting this treatment option so you can increase conversion rates and case acceptance.

  • Consultative sales training is necessary to help convert potential patients into legitimate OSA patients.
  • Confidence is essential. If you genuinely believe in the services you’re offering and their benefits, your patients will do.
  • Ongoing education about OSA therapy shows that you’re invested in this treatment and allows you to hone the skills to deliver clear, persuasive case presentations.

Get DSO Support for Sleep Apnea Case Acceptance

It is a dentist’s job to let his or her patient know that treating a sleep disorder is just as important as treating a cavity, a broken tooth, a missing tooth, or a damaged filling. Oral appliance therapy assistance helps maintain quality of life, minimize serious health consequences, and prevent significant health risks.

Align yourself with Independence DSO and get training to communicate thoroughly and clearly with patients and get them to invest in dental sleep medicine or other treatments necessary for good oral health. Find out if partnering with Independence DSO is right for your dental practice. Contact us today to learn more.