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All employees on your dental team want excellent compensation and that includes great benefits. Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start with these complex offerings, or it’s difficult to switch what you already have as part of your hiring package, or you simply don’t want to deal with insurance companies. Independence Dental DSO is committed to helping its partners offer the most advantageous benefits to all their employees while simplifying every dentist’s day-to-day responsibilities.


Health Insurance Benefits

High-quality health insurance benefits for your small business are essential for employee satisfaction and to show that you are dedicated to every employee’s well-being. You’re not only serving the needs of your fellow dentists, hygienists, and office staff – you’re also tending to their families if they choose to accept your practice’s optional health insurance benefits.

Working with a DSO gives you the kind of detailed, behind-the-scenes information you need to select the most appropriate health insurance plan for the people you employ, which can include health savings accounts (HSAs), flexible spending accounts (FSAs), mental health care,  and wellness perks like gym memberships and nutritionist consultations.


Dental Insurance Benefits

It may feel silly offering dental insurance benefits to your team when you run a dental practice, but your employees need their oral health tended to, and they know just how important it is to prioritize teeth and gums. The dental benefits you offer can fit into the dental insurance plans you accept as a practice, or the benefits can be aligned with other insurance companies so your employees can find other dental offices to go to for oral health care.

Sometimes, health and dental benefits are blended for a robust insurance package. Your DSO will guide you in the right direction based on your comfort level and the needs of your team to provide low co-pays and maximum benefits.

Vision Insurance Benefits

Employees who are fortunate enough to have excellent eyesight may not be interested in vision insurance benefits, but even for the adults whose eyes are in great shape, they shouldn’t go more than five years without an exam. Everyone else needs them much sooner, often annually.

Working with a DSO, you can identify the most appropriate vision insurance plan for your team. The goal is to offer a comprehensive vision plan that makes healthy eye care possible and covers routine eye exams, glasses, or contact lenses every year.


Retirement Benefits

You want your hardworking and dedicated employees to be taken care of when they retire and to have emergency funds available to them now should there be a need. Some of the most common selections of employee retirement plans for small businesses include traditional 401(k) retirement plans, Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE IRA), and solo 401 (k) plans.

With the guidance of your DSO, you can offer rich retirement benefits that make your dental team feel like they and their families are taken care of in any circumstance. Retirement benefits can be solely employee-funded or matched as an incentive. It is good to have a resource that can help you weigh every option before committing.

Disability Benefits

Taking care of your team is important. Should they suffer an injury while on the job or get hurt off the job, and their problem prevents them from doing their work, quality disability benefits keep them from suffering financial difficulties as they heal.

Disability can be a difficult matter to work out. Having support from your DSO means all your questions will be answered and there will be no delay in covering your team.

Get Help with Benefits at Your Dental Practice

Independence Dental DSO provides insurance benefits to our partners and their employees. Find out how we can assist you in reaching your goals today.