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Key Elements of The Independence DSO Difference!

Independence FAQ

Will I have to re-brand my practice?

No. Independence DSO works with your current brand. We believe that your brand has name recognition in your local community and is worth holding onto.  Rebranding services are available, upon request.

Does a DSO want to buy my dental practice?

When you align with a DSO, you maintain your dental practice independence and gain a partner who shares with you a host of experts to support you in all your efforts to expand and improve your dental practice. You are not married to, beholden to, or bought out by a DSO – you take advantage of only the resources you want to from our menu of offerings. You maintain the freedom to make the choices that serve your practice best.

Your practice would not be the same without you – all our partners retain ownership of their practice.

What will happen to my employees?

Your employees are one of the largest investments you have made in your practice. We recognize the value of good, long-term employees and we guarantee the employment of all staff when you get on board with Independence DSO. Counsel from human resources is available upon request to give you support as you support your employees with this transition.

Do you charge management fees?

We do not charge management fees. We don’t intend to manage you, after all. You only pay for the help and support you need and want. All back-office support is provided, but we don’t micromanage your operation. We are investing in you because you are already successful – and we want to help you stay that way.

What back office dental practice details can a DSO help me with?

Potential DSO candidates have many things in common and often want help in the same areas. Independence DSO commonly offers support in the following areas:

  • Marketing: Getting the word out about your dental practice is practically a full-time job. Your DSO partner has time to get you on social media, increase review generation, send targeted email campaigns, and more.
  • Human resources: Get help hiring the right people for your team so you can count on their talent and longevity and prioritize caring for your patients.
  • Bookkeeping: Unearth yourself form under insurance claims, tax prep, payroll, and more by relying on outsourced accounting support to take care of your financial matters.
  • Lab rates: Our vetted dental labs offer preferred rates for DSO partners.

Can a DSO help me add more patients to my dental practice?

Absolutely. There are two persuasive methods your dental practice can learn and adopt to help you grow your client base:

  • Consultative sales training: Case presentation can always improve. Your DSO offers high-impact consultative sales training and techniques so you and your team can develop the necessary sales skills to persuade patients of the procedures and treatments they need to improve their oral health and the appearance of their smiles.
  • Dental sleep medicine: Many people rely on their dentist to diagnose obstructive sleep apnea and snoring problems and help them treat these issues. Your DSO offers relationships with sleep apnea education centers to enhance your existing sleep apnea services or to help you add this offering to your practice.

Are DSO partnerships common?

Traditional dental practices are no longer commonplace. The resources offered by a dental DSO are many and too good to pass up. The DSO model allows a typical dental office to deliver more affordable care to a larger patient population while also getting the necessary business support to make running a practice more enjoyable.

Am I a good candidate to work with a DSO?

If you are interested in doing more work chairside and handing over the back-office details to someone else, if you want to get out in the community and spend less time dealing with the minutiae of running a business, if you want to take the pressure off and find more joy and satisfaction in your daily work, if you simply want to have a stronger and more effective dental practice, you may be an excellent candidate to work with Independence DSO.