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PPO Negotiations

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PPO Negotiations

If your dental practice participates in preferred provider organizations (PPOs), you already know the benefits of working with a host of healthcare providers patients can use to minimize the costs of their dental care. What’s important though, of course, is creating PPO opportunities that increase the profitability of your practice too. With help from Independence Dental DSO, you can leave the confusing nature of PPO negotiations to the experts and still watch your revenue increase.

Increase Dental Practice Revenue Through PPO Negotiations

There are many PPO negotiation solution partners available through Independence Dental DSO, and they all have the knowledge, experience, and negotiation tactics to deliver incredible benefits that will enhance your dental practice:

  • Skyrocketing reimbursements: Increase PPO reimbursements by almost 35% for a monthly influx of close to $10,000.
  • Return on investment: Witness the generation of an average ROI of nearly 10 to 1.
  • Negotiations pay for themselves: With professional PPO negotiation assistance, your dental practice will produce a level of income that pays for this DSO service in the first month alone.
  • Manage existing patients: The DSO level of PPO negotiation helps minimize the impact of any PPO changes on existing patients and can even help prevent patient loss.
  • Bring in new patients: New patient opportunities are created within the most profitable PPOs.
  • Flexibility: Enjoy being able to offer patients flexible payment terms that fit your practice budget.

Dentists write off close to 40% in PPO reimbursements annually. To put it more plainly, that’s a loss of nearly $4,000 for every $10,000 you make on insured patients. With assistance from a dedicated DSO, your highest fee schedules and claims reimbursement are negotiated carefully to serve your best interests and your bottom line.

Get Expert Help with Credentialing and PPO Negotiations

If you want to become in-network with PPO insurance providers, it is necessary to go through the credentialing process for every single provider. It’s a good decision to add PPOs to the list of insurances you accept and are in-network with at your dental practice – the more you belong to, the more patients you can attract and the bigger your practice can grow.

Credentialing, though, is necessary to become in-network, and this process is time-consuming, paperwork-heavy, and information-demanding. You will need to provide details like practice history, education, certifications, licenses, and more. Thorough applications are required for every company you want to enroll with.

Altogether, it can take over 40 hours to complete credentialing for a dental office for just one PPO alone. And if an error is made, you must start over from the very beginning. Do you or your employees have the time and room to dedicate to this very important task and the eventual recredentialing?

Your dental office gets to choose the PPOs you participate with – but it’s so important to examine patient participation and fee schedules to optimize your participation in your top networks. Your DSO will help you determine which PPOs are most beneficial for your practice, align you with credentialing experts to do this busy work for you, and keep you informed with progress updates during every step of credentialing.

PPO Negotiations Made Easy with Independence DSO

It is natural to be wary about making changes to dental PPOs you’re already in network with. Increasing fee schedules though, is possible, and these PPO renegotiations can happen without losing patients – they can, in fact, help you gain patients.

Rely on the expertise of Independence Dental DSO. Our team of experts is focused on PPO negotiations, renegotiations, and credentialing to make sure that your practice offers the best benefits possible to your patients and the best ROI for you.