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Successful dental practices revolve around regular cleanings and dental exams, but they truly reach levels of success when they have positive case acceptance for dental restorations and cosmetic dentistry. Align yourself with the experts at Independence Dental DSO so your team can get an education to achieve high rates of closing cases.

The Art of Closing Cases

There’s a little bit of psychology and a little bit of sales in every case presentation. You know why a patient needs that porcelain crown or why veneers are better for them than Invisalign, but they have their own opinions and evidence. If you want to be successful in closing cases, remember the following techniques:

  • Listen to your patient’s perceived needs. Really listen.
  • When you listen carefully, you will learn if your patient is motivated by fear, money, ego, or otherwise.
  • Capitalize on the motivator that means the most to your patient and reassure them.
  • Explain how you have the knowledge and training to deliver impeccable results that fulfill your patient’s expectations.
  • Tell the patient how excited they will be with better-looking, healthier teeth and how their confidence will skyrocket.
  • Remember that closing cases is all about the patient – they will only accept your treatment plan when it makes sense to them.

Patients say yes to dental treatment emotionally – then they justify this choice and its cost intellectually. You need to cover their concerns, like worries about how long the procedure will take or how much it will cost. It’s not always easy to discuss some of these topics, even though you’re the dental expert. You talk teeth, not money, after all. But it’s part of your job to be ready to discuss what your patient has concerns about – ignore this reality and you’ll have people who don’t trust you.

The Independence Dental DSO experts can guide you with scripts to say the right things, the things you mean, the things your patients need to hear.

Keep Complete Treatment Plans at the Ready

Sometimes you must wing it when it comes to closing cases. A patient at their usual dental exam and teeth cleaning discovers they have tooth decay or an infection, or they’re curious about cosmetic upgrades like dental bonding, or wonder if they’re a good candidate for Invisalign. You need to be prepared to present answers on the spot, especially for dental care the patient absolutely needs in the moment to save them pain and complications in the future.

  • Closing cases is about having basic treatment plans at the ready and being able to insert a patient’s specific parameters so they understand you’re fully prepared to manage their needs.
  • When you can address all their questions at that moment, you show that you can meet expectations.
  • Sometimes you must create a sense of urgency because, for example, if they don’t fix that minor tooth damage now, there will be major problems later.
  • Exceptional case presentation skills – across your entire team – is integral. When you work together and have the group skills to orchestrate an excellent oral evaluation and deliver a thorough treatment plan and outstanding case presentation, case acceptances will rise.

Get Case Acceptance Support from Independence Dental DSO

Dentistry is often about wants and needs. You know what your patient needs for a healthier or more attractive smile, but their wants may not align. Closing cases is an art form that must be learned and practiced to succeed. Just telling a patient they need root canal therapy isn’t enough – you must identify their wishes and appeal to them emotionally.

Closing cases successfully is about having presentations at the ready for planned appointments and unexpected circumstances. Align with Independence Dental DSO to learn more about how to implement tools for closing cases in your dental practice so you always come out on top and your patients always get the oral health care they need. Find out how to always motivate your patient to say yes. Contact us today.