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We live in a virtual world, and while dentistry happens face-to-face, hands-on learning for your dental team isn’t always the most effective or convenient way to train new employees or teach fresh skills. With a customized learning management system (LMS) and the help of your dental service organization, you can work with your people at the level that they find most comfortable and convenient, delivering information in a timely manner so your dental practice continues to thrive and grow.


Aspects of a Dental Learning Management System

The main purpose of an LMS is to provide learning to your organization while also simplifying the messages that are conveyed. Customized software allows for the creation, management, organization, and delivery of online training materials to your dental team

A dental-specific learning management system provides several major elements to practice employees, including the following:

  • Online learning: Even though new software trainings and continuing education happens in person, sometimes the lack of convenience, high costs, and other obligations make it impossible for employees to travel or take the time to complete the coursework. Online learning through a learning management system allows for all aspects of employee support and engagement so everyone is educated fully without having to leave the office or their home.
  • Compliance training: Compliance focused training programs, naturally rigid in design and delivery, are carried out through an LMS to deliver a streamlined process and exacting result across the board. This mandated online regulatory training must be completed by everyone in your practice within a certain time frame and the LMS provides accurate and readily available training records. Non-compliance is dangerous in any business, but dental practices and every team member especially must understand the importance of these risks.
  • Onboarding training support: Sometimes the difference between keeping employees and experiencing high turnover is adequate training. Employees who feel confident about the dental practice information they need to know and feel good about it quickly are far more likely to stay at the place that took the time to invest in them and train them well. Feeling like you know everything about your job right away, even if you’re new, is an incredible motivator for employees and creates a sense of obligation and dedication to their dental practice.


Benefits of an LMS for Your Dental Practice

  • Save time: Continuing education classes could take days of travel and participation, pulling employees away from your practice, but an LMS makes it possible to do the educating on the premises in the time that works for everyone.
  • Save on costs: It’s far easier and less costly to educate your employees on the premises through a dedicated program that can be reused regularly and easily.
  • Consistent: The information provided through your LMS, whichever elements you cover through this platform, will be identical for every employee so no points are missed.
  • Flexible: There are some elements of your LMS that employees can complete on their own time, at their own home, or they can do so at your dental practice, whichever you permit.
  • Improved learner engagement: We’re all used to screens, and when speed and economy are promised to us this way, it’s easy for employees to comply and retain information.
  • Higher retention: Well-trained employees who feel educated, supported, and prioritized as a valued member of the team will stick around longer and be dedicated to your efforts, minimizing staff turnover.


Get an LMS for Your Practice Through Independence Dental DSO

Learning management systems are plentiful, so it’s important to get the kind of system that is just right for your dental practice and the unique work your dental team carries out every day. Get the support and education you need from Independence Dental DSO. Contact us today for a consultation.