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Without a happy dental team, your practice will never thrive. How do you keep them satisfied? Well, paying employees and doing so on time every time is the first way to maintain satisfaction and minimize turnover. Through a DSO like Independence Dental, you can get the payroll support you need to keep all the numbers, checks, and direct deposits rolling.

Why Your Dental Practice Needs Payroll Support

The biggest reason a dental practice might need payroll support from a DSO is because, simply, you’re too busy to do it all alone. When you’re seeing patients, treating them, considering new equipment and methods, and conferencing with employees about all back-office matters, your bandwidth for doing the books shrinks significantly. And that’s one area where you can’t afford to slack.

When you have payroll support from your DSO, you will have dedicated accounting and bookkeeping experts to help you:

  • Deliver timely and accurate payments
  • Prevent payroll problems
  • Understand accounting software
  • Troubleshoot accounting problems
  • Highlight the financial nuances of your practice
  • Make the most of a single solution for streamlining payroll

Establish Trust with On-Time Payroll

Ideally, your hygienists, dental assistants, front desk workers, and even other dentists want to work for your practice because they love the field they’re in – but they’re not doing the work out of the goodness of their heart alone. They want to get paid for their time and expertise, rightly so.

With payroll support, there is no chance that your team will ever be without their due on payday. They will always have money deposited in the bank or handed to them as a check, whichever they prefer. And this simple guarantee establishes trust between you, your employees, and your dental practice. When your hardworking team knows their payments are going to come through no matter what, they will be more dedicated employees and:

  • Be less likely to leave the practice
  • Stay late if needed
  • Fill in at any time
  • Support you in all professional matters

If your employees trust you, it will also be easier for you to trust them. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship and making sure payroll reliably exchanges hands every two weeks to keep things going is key.

The Critical Basics of DSO Payroll Support

If you dread the payroll task every two weeks, if you want to take this tedious task off your plate or an employee’s, Independence DSO has the experts, software, and tools to:

  • Reassign this task to an expert in your DSO network
  • Show you streamlined ways to handle payroll yourself
  • Ensure your team is paid correctly and on time
  • Manage tax withholdings and benefits
  • Remove the burden of payroll from your mental load entirely

When you’re not burdened with back-office tasks, you’ll be a better manager for your dental practice and minimize employee turnover by delivering the payroll and benefits you promised your employees.

Get the Payroll Support You Need from Independence Dental DSO

Back-office assistance, whether for payroll support or other important bookkeeping matters, is almost a necessity in the modern dental office. You want to practice the craft and skill you were taught, not worry about checks and marketing and other behind-the-scenes matters. Your employees want to support you in these endeavors, but they want to be compensated along the way.

Align yourself with Independence Dental DSO and give yourself the freedom to focus on what’s happening chairside while trusting that your team is financially supported. Our goal is to help you create the dental practice you want by removing any administrative burdens. Contact us today to find out how we can work together.