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What to Expect from Your DSO

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What to expect

Dental support organizations (DSOs) contract with dental practices to provide business management support. Dentists are running a business, of course, but many want to focus on the art of chairside care alone. When you know what to expect from a company like Independence Dental DSO, you will feel confident about transitioning your dental practice to a partnership program tailored to your unique needs.


The 4-Step DSO Approach

The only acceptable DSO approach is one that allows you to manage your office and dental care the way you always have – on your own terms.


  1. Meet one-on-one: Talk to a dedicated DSO representative and express your goals. Make sure your culture fits with the Independence DSO culture. A senior leader will meet with you to teach you what our DSO is all about so you can decide if a partnership is right for you.
  2. Share details: Ready to explore a partnership? Provide financial and production data to Independence DSO so a unique proposal can be prepared for you to determine where your biggest needs are and what benefits would be most helpful. All conversations and exchange of proprietary information is confidential.
  3. Receive an offer: This is the sweet spot – after reviewing your unique situation and confirming your goals align with ours, Independence DSO will deliver a specifically tailored proposal that fits your needs and maximizes your practice value. This information will let you fully see what your dental practice can become.
  4. Become a partner: Say yes to working with Independence DSO and receive all the support you need to take your dental practice to the next level. Maintain complete control with no interruptions to your brand, systems, or staff, while gaining complete support to help you thrive and grow.


What to Expect from DSO Partnership Benefits

Thanks to preferred partnership agreements with proven industry leaders, Independence DSO has the power to help our affiliated dental practices drive growth. The best part, most dentists agree, is that all the available services are optional – you choose and engage in the benefits you want, nothing more, nothing less. Dentist approval is mandatory before any changes, upgrades, or perks happen.

Here’s what to expect from your DSO’s powerful partnership benefits:


  • Full operating autonomy: Maintain 100% control of your dental practice and continue running it as you always have, with no interference.
  • Administrative support: From bookkeeping to human resources to marketing, back-office support eliminates the need to be mired in paperwork, payroll, taxes, insurance, and more.
  • Seamless transition: Thanks to excellent communication and an alignment of goals, the transition from independent dental practice to DSO partner is seamless and rewarding.
  • Retain ownership: You do not sell your dental practice to a DSO – you partner with a company that streamlines and simplifies your workload so you can focus on the areas you love.
  • Keep your brand: You’ve worked hard to establish the brand of your dental practice. Keep it and enhance it, with help from your DSO. Or choose to change things up. It’s your call.
  • Guaranteed staff employment: DSO’s do not come into your dental practice and clean house. Your dedicated staff keep their jobs and your dental family remains tightknit as always.
  • Group discounts: Benefit from preferred lab rates and discounts from fully vetted organizations you can trust.
  • Continuing education: Take part in continuing education for thinks like dental sleep medicine and consultative sales training to enhance your practice.


Align Yourself with Independence Dental DSO

Your dental practice is strong, running well, and doesn’t require change – a DSO is right for you. Your practice is a little bumpy and could use some streamlining – a DSO is right for you. Whatever your circumstances, aligning with a DSO increases accuracy, minimizes risk, and supports your staff. Contact Independence Dental DSO to learn more about what to expect from a partnership with us.