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When you hire new employees for your dental office, it would be great if they could hit the ground running. That’s not always possible though, even for the most experienced candidates, because your practice is unique with its systems, software, and standards. When you are aligned with Independence Dental DSO, however, you can get the support you need with training employees from day one, so your entire team knows exactly what’s going on at your dental office and is always ready to work hard.

Training Employees to Bring in New Patients

Speaking on the phone with potential patients is a significant duty of many front desk and back-office employees at a dental office. The conversations may be brief, and the caller may only have a few questions, but this direct interaction with a possible patient is a small window that gives your team member the opportunity to bring a fresh face into your practice.

Through new patient call conversion training, methods like consultative sales training are taught to stress the value of relationship-building, asking open-ended question, practicing active listening, and understanding the person’s oral health problems. Your team can’t deliver solutions over the phone, but they can learn the language to convince people to make an appointment sooner rather than later.

Guidance for Regulatory Compliance

Compliance training programs offer employees the opportunity to learn office processes in a streamlined manner. For example, there is no question how to manage regulatory compliance training like HIPAA when every member of your staff has completed mandated online regulatory training. When you use the same system for everyone, they all get the same information. Rigid in design and delivery, these programs ward off the risk of non-compliance within your dental practice

Annual Training Program

At dental practices, it’s necessary to keep every employee up to date with all new developments in technology, office practices, scheduling, software, materials, and so much more. Annual training delivered through a customized and digitized learning management system (LMS) simplifies the process.

Online learning saves both money and time for you and your employees. Software trainings and continuing education offered online are convenient, available at a lower cost, and do not interfere with work or family obligations. Instead of trying to fit in travel, overnight stays, as well as coursework, the LMS system opens the possibility for all aspects of employee support and engagement. Your employees don’t have to leave their office or home to get the annual training needed.

Clinical Training Offerings for Dentists

When you first established your practice, you offered the basics in dental care, delivering what your patients needed to maintain good oral health. As time goes on, innovations in dentistry may have made you want to expand your offerings, knowledge, and hands-on treatment.

Dentist can enjoy clinical training in a multitude of areas – from dental implants to prepless veneers to Invisalign and so on – that deliver extensive, thorough training. Request the coursework you want, and your DSO will facilitate the continuing education you need to advance your craft and offer this service at your dental practice.

Get Training Support from Independence DSO

Adequate training can be the difference between long-term employees and those who force you into high turnover numbers. Everyone who works in your practice deserves to feel confident about the work they do. Those who feel good about their performance and knowledge are far more likely to stick around, particularly when you have taken time to invest in them with extensive training.

You can motivate your employees to be loyal and dedicated to your practice by putting your energy into them. Allow Independence Dental DSO help you achieve a well-rounded, solid, tight-knit dental practice. Contact us to discuss training.