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Customized Dental Marketing Practice Growth Solutions
Marketing is nearly a full-time job by itself for any dental practice, and many dentists simply don’t have the time and energy to dedicate to these efforts to get the word out about their existence and offerings. When you partner with Independence Dental DSO, you receive comprehensive, best-in-class marketing customized to your unique dental office.

Conceiving the Right Dental Marketing Plans

Marketing is a building operation. Every choice you make, every effort you implement in the name of your dental office is another sturdy brick in your foundation. The right marketing clearly conveys the messages you want to send and promotes the care you offer, whether you are a:

  • Family dentistry practice
  • Cosmetic dentistry practice
  • Pediatric dentistry practice
  • General dentistry practice
  • Family dental practice with cosmetic dentistry offerings
  • General dentistry practice focusing on Invisalign
  • Family dentist with orthodontic services
  • Any other type of dental practice

The combinations of the types of dental practices available are almost endless – but there is a marketing plan no matter what category you fit into. Every dental office is different, and every dentist wants to promote various elements of his or her practice to bring in the ideal group of patients.

Executing the Ideal Marketing Strategy

Each marketing plan begins with a preliminary analysis of your current marketing efforts, competitor research, and gap analysis. Through actionable intelligence marketing analysis, we confirm the extent to which your practice’s current web presence attracts, impresses, and motivates website visitors to take positive actions. You want people to complete web forms, make calls for an appointment, submit online appointment requests, engage with online chat, and fulfill requests for emailed information.

It’s one thing to know what you want to say or promote, now the question is how do you get the word out – and through what medium? Dental marketing plan implementation can include a tactical deployment of all or some of the following efforts:

  • Website redesign/refresh
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Paid search (PPC) ads on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more
  • Social media presence
  • Review generation
  • Video services (custom, animated, or patient testimonials)
  • Direct mail
  • Public relationship
  • Skills coaching for appointment scheduling
  • Email marketing
  • Rebranding and logo redesign
  • On-hold messages

Monitoring Dental Marketing Efforts

Once your marketing plan is alive and out there, functioning in the community at large, it’s someone’s job to manage its existence. Through monitoring and management based on a collaborative approach, plans are kept on track and budget, with Independence Dental partners enjoying preferential pricing and ongoing access to their own Dental Marketing Dashboard (DMD) which delivers real-time stats about their marketing successes and practice growth, including:

  • Patient acquisition cost
  • Source attribution
  • Return on investment
  • Team batting average (calls converted to appointments)
  • So much more

Any platform that allows you to engage directly with potential patients through comments and responses is incredibly important – how you respond, and the time window in which you respond, matters.

Get Dental Practice Marketing Support from Independence Dental DSO

The partners of Independence Dental enjoy an array of top-tier, practice-building tactics and marketing efforts that help dental practices grow and thrive. Our team aids your dental office in developing, implementing, and supporting your practice growth plan.

Independence DSO is partnered with the most experienced dental marketing agency in the profession, staffed by the most seasoned and successful experts in their respective fields who help you conceive, execute, and monitor marketing plans on a customized and as-needed basis.

Rapid practice growth is only a heartbeat away when you partner with Independence Dental and take advantage of the advanced marketing efforts we provide. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your dental practice.

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