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Case Presentation Coaching

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Case Presentation Coaching

A common goal of nearly every dental practice is getting more yes to treatment. If you feel like you’re getting people in the door but falling short when working to convince patients to undergo cosmetic or restorative dentistry procedures, align with the experts at Independence Dental DSO for case presentation coaching. Tweaking your language and the order in which information is delivered can make all the difference.


Successful Dental Case Presentation Coaching

We all know what’s good for us but that doesn’t mean we’re all willing to invest in it, whether the topic up for debate is nutrition, exercise, or dental care. Your patients might be fully aware of what they need to improve their oral health, but they have no intention of making these needs a priority, whether they’re deterred by cost, dental anxiety, or the time required to get the work done. It’s up to you, their dentist, to convince them to say yes to important, necessary treatment.

Case presentation coaching for dental case acceptance can include and expand upon several matters to encourage getting more yes to treatment:

  • Highlight the patient’s presenting complaint
  • Review previous and current medical and dental history
  • Discuss family dental and medical history
  • Conduct intra-oral observation
  • Carry out special tests and investigations as needed

Your patients cannot diagnose themselves. While it was once the dentist’s job to inform the patient of the problem they have with their oral health and then recommend the solution, building a stronger connection is a more effective path to widespread treatment acceptance.


The Nuances of Case Presentation Coaching

It’s necessary to show your patient that you understand their unique oral health circumstances and offer them multiple solutions where possible but, most of all, connect with the patient so they feel more tied to you, your practice, and your customized treatment. This can happen in many ways:

  • Build an emotional connection between yourself, your practice, and the patient.
  • Create a positive experience at every consultation and appointment.
  • Explain potential roadblocks and setbacks so the patient understands there is no such thing as perfection.
  • Appreciate the patient’s personality and deliver information in ways they are best equipped to receive it.
  • Discuss cost concerns and help the patient overcome these worries.
  • Be prepared to delay the message so you can deliver the right words at the right time.

Beyond Case Presentation at the Dental Office

Case presentation coaching ties into the needs of modern dental patients, respecting individual needs, from budget constraints to worries about being in the dentist’s chair. Making true connections with patients is what determines whether treatment receives a yes and you go on to deliver the oral health care they need most.

Along with the nuances of case presentation coaching, additional care and effort is necessary on the part of your practice and team to make patients feel good about their oral health decisions:

  • Show that your dental office and procedures are safe and account for the patient’s health conditions or concerns.
  • Review the patient’s social history, meaning their use of tobacco or alcohol, occupation, and lifestyle, to jumpstart a discussion about the best treatment.
  • Explain how oral health in the future can be positively affected by receiving targeted dental treatment now, preventing the need for more invasive and costly procedures.


Get Case Presentation Coaching from Independence Dental

Convincing patients to get the dental work they need is not always an easy task. For every patient who eagerly says yes to treatment, there are just as many who drag their feet. When you experience more rejection than acceptance to treatment plans, it’s time to find out how case presentation coaching can improve your treatment rates. Contact Independence Dental DSO to learn more.