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Dental Plans Support

There are multiple ways to maximize the value of your dental practice and, with dental plans support from Independence Dental DSO, you can increase revenue and attract more patients. Though you may think the best way to operate is to manage all office business in-house, there are some tasks that are easier to outsource to a partner, one who has your best interests in mind and has the time to dedicate to the work you and your team need done but do not have time to manage.


Third Party Plan Negotiations

Every dentist wants to help their patients afford the dentistry they need. Sometimes, the best way to do this is through third-party payment plans. How do you choose the best ones for your practice? How do you get the rates you want and that will be most beneficial to all involved? Rely on your DSO to manage third-party plan negotiations.

Taking this step with your DSO is worth the effort because multiple third-party plan options make you a more attractive provider to potential and existing patients. What a DSO can do is keep your fees reasonable and increase the payment options you take, from basic credit cards to healthcare credit cards that offer low- to no-financing options.


Some dental practices aren’t in-network with many insurance companies because of the labor-intensive credentialing process that must be done for every provider. Dental offices often do not have an employee to spare to do this job, but not being in-network will cost you potential dental patients. The more insurance you accept, the more patients you will attract, and the more your practice can grow.

It is easier to carry out credentialing when someone is dedicated to the task. Applications for every company in which you want to enroll require details like practice history, education, certifications, and licenses. Credentialing for one PPO alone can take over 40 hours to complete. An expert from your DSO assists in carrying out the credentialing, determining the most beneficial PPOs, and optimizing participation in top networks through the examination of fee schedules and patient participation.


Dental Coding

Dental coding and medical coding are not the same thing and they do not operate using the same coding system. Some dental practices hire certified dental coders, others have dental billers who learn on the job as they issue invoices and submit claims for services rendered.

CDT Codes are used for dental procedures, oral health care, and any form of dentistry. Some of these codes are not intuitive, particularly newer additions to the system, and that often requires continuing education for dental practices. Through your DSO, you can get the support you need for yourself and the appropriate members of your dental practice to ensure that procedural codes are managed properly for every dental procedure and billing always works out appropriately.


Fee Assessment

Geographic location is one of the major elements that factors into the fees, so it’s reasonable for you to charge for it at your dental practice. Through your DSO, you can undergo a fee assessment to make sure you’re charging patients a competitive rate compared to neighboring dental practices.

Thanks to this fee assessment service, your office will be better able to keep up with rising personnel and supply costs. Each code and UCR is studied to see how they impact your business and specific patient base. This professional assessment, completed prior to any PPO negotiations, is the best way to deliver dental care at prices that are right for your unique patients.

Get Dental Plan Support from Independence Dental DSO

There are many arms to dental plan support, and Independence Dental DSO has the capability to support dental practices through the difficult elements of billing, coding, credentialing, and insurance. Contact us today to find out what DSO services can benefit your dental practice.