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Every dental office is unique, but every practice wants providers on staff who deliver high-quality clinical care. When you work with Independence Dental DSO, you have clinical autonomy and can ask for recruitment support at any time, so you never have a reputation for hiring subpar dentists or hygienists.


Set Expectations for Provider Recruitment

Hiring new providers should seem like a relatively easy task. Choose people who have the most experience, great references, and seem to gel with your dental practice, right? Not always. The process is rarely that simple and requires some unearthing of real beliefs and traits to find the providers who are the best match for your office. Getting recruitment aid from your DSO ensures that all benchmarks are met to find providers who truly work with your team, patients, and office norms.

Recruitment efforts can include the following:

  • Identify providers committed to continuing education: If learning more and furthering education is a core value of your dental practice, your DSO can seek out like-minded providers who value and appreciate your goals and are ready to participate enthusiastically to constantly improve.
  • Make your expectations known: Subpar providers will not have a chance to diminish your brand if your practice expectations and clinical protocols are clear. Your DSO understands your baseline and best practices and narrows down recruitment lists to only the most qualified individuals.
  • Highlight key performance indicators (KPIs): When the benchmarks of excellence within your practice are identified by dentists and hygienists for their counterparts, these lists can work together to support each other. KPIs should always show the greatest level of patient care. But keep in mind that while poor providers impact patient care negatively, it can also eat away at team support.
  • Know your growth goals: How big do you want your practice to be? Envision the structure you hope to one day have so you and your DSO can consider candidates for leadership who have the same mindset while still supporting clinical excellence.


Work with Your DSO for the Finest Recruitment Results

Once you’ve hired new providers, the onboarding process, which can take a week or more, allows the new hire to get the full experience of your dental office so they are certain this is the place they want to work, and you are certain this is the provider you want on your team:

  • Deliver introductions to every department within your practice and identify expectations and clinical protocols.
  • Have new hires shadow a current provider to observe the best practices of clinical work and team dynamics in real time.
  • Point out the demands of performance improvement management – after all, it is better and less costly to prevent disaster from the start than to correct a problem once it has begun.

You always want to set up your new hire for success from day one. Easing them into a full schedule, keeping stress at a minimum, and providing opportunities for learning experiences help them learn the dynamics and logistics of the practice. From there, it’s possible for them to build their own strong foundation and add to your existing patient care.


Recruitment Help from a DSO for Your Dental Practice

When you have a small dental practice, or a particularly busy one, it helps to have support when it comes to recruitment of providers. You don’t have the time to vet every possible candidate to be your newest dentist or hygienist, but someone must do that work or you will find yourself with the wrong person working in your office.

Get the support you need from Independence Dental DSO so your recruitment measures really deliver for today and the future.