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Consultative Sales Training

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Consultative Sales Training
Dentistry is one skill. Sales is another. The success of your dental practice depends on your ability to manage both flawlessly. Independence DSO offers its partners high-impact consultative sales training and techniques for practice growth so you can learn and develop the sales skills needed to convince your patients of the treatments and procedures they need to maintain their oral health and improve their smiles.

The Relationship Between Dentistry and Sales

Persuasion is not a skill that comes naturally to everyone. Dentists certainly are more focused on the science and art of dentistry than the particulars of sales. Even though you may be the best dentist in your county and have incredible training, experience, and results, being able to talk about a dental procedure or the importance of it is not the same thing as convincing your patient why they need it.

It’s part of your job to make your patients see why a tooth-colored filling is necessary, why porcelain veneers can change their life. There is a language and a level of savvy required to get your message across effectively. These are learned competencies, and Independence DSO has the consultative sales training tools to teach you.

Understand the Consultative Sales Approach

A consultative sales approach is a needs-based approach. The goals for dentists are simple:

  • Build a relationship with your patient.
  • Understand their oral health problems.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Practice active listening.
  • Develop solutions to their challenges.

Working together with your patients rather than doling out advice and recommendations alone without their input gives them a chance to be invested in their treatment. They’re not just taking your word for it that one type of cosmetic dentistry will change their life or that a course of Invisalign treatment will fix all their problems. They’re all in on the work themselves – they’re part of the solution and the decision-making process. By practicing consultative sales, you give your patients an opportunity to persuade themselves.

Consultative Sales Training for Dentists

Your patients trust you. As the dentist, you are the expert. You know teeth and everything to do with them. However, as soon as you recommend multiple procedures or an expensive treatment, as soon as you start to talk numbers, that trust can start to dwindle. Your patient’s connection with you can begin to unravel even though you’re only stating the facts.

How do you walk the fine line between ensuring that your patients get the care they need while you reach your practice’s financial goals? Independence DSO offers the best-in-class, high-impact sales training to help you achieve accelerated practice growth.

  • Undergo a comprehensive evaluation to identify gaps in patient communication.
  • Identify opportunities for enhanced communications with patients.
  • Get your team aligned on your sales approach to get more “yes” answers to treatment.
  • Undergo leadership training to tactfully and effectively hold team members accountable.
  • Get goal planning and sales approach practices for a higher acceptance of large cases.
  • Learn how to craft the ideal schedule to maximize your day without adding hours to it.
  • Become more comfortable presenting treatment plans from $30K to $60K and higher.

Rely on Independence DSO for Consultative Sales Training

The suite of services offered by Independence DSO for consultative sales training will move you along your practice growth curve quickly and smoothly. We deliver a comprehensive plan that includes project timelines and milestones to reach your goals.

Contact Independence DSO to discuss your needs, and don’t be embarrassed to ask for help to improve sales growth. Selling is different than dentistry. At Independence DSO we help our partners excel at both.

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