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Pricing Contracts

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Pricing Contracts

No dental office wants to spend more than necessary on supplies or equipment, but you also want to spend enough to get the very best. This can be a confusing formula to get just right, but with the support of your dental service organization, Independence Dental DSO, you can reduce supply costs and maximize your savings on supply spending.

Service Is Part of Pricing Contracts

Think about your dental supply list:

  • How many supplies do you order repeatedly from the same vendors without questioning cost?
  • Maybe you appreciate a vendor’s full-service offering, the sales rep you know well, or the timely equipment repair when needed.
  • But are you getting the very best service and options available for the service you’re receiving?

The beauty of having a DSO support you with pricing contracts is that they have done the vetting for you. They have already figured out what each supplier can offer, how and when they will deliver, and if you’ll be happy with the service and attention they provide. You don’t have to spend months getting to know a new supplier and keep your fingers crossed that all will work out well. Your DSO has already done the work for you so you can enjoy the benefits.

Reduce Supply Costs with the Right Pricing Contracts

Once you’ve settled on the supplier you think is right for you, the question is: Are their pricing contracts right for you too? Distributors are the middleman. They don’t manufacture your dental supplies, but they get them in your hands – in between there is a pricing change that allows the distributor to make money too. How does that affect you and your dental practice?

Through your DSO you can have:

  • Preferred formularies with vendors to maximize supply spend savings.
  • Reduce the need to order excessive or large orders.
  • Get best pricing through preferred vendors


Benefits of the E-Procurement Platform

Amazon for dentists? It’s out there. Through Independence DSO, you can take advantage of an e-procurement platform that helps with historic orders as well as spending and shipping. The benefits aren’t hard to guess:

  • Easy to order
  • Frees up time staff spends ordering
  • Eliminates the need to visit individual vendor sites
  • No more calling to place an order
  • Get greater visibility into vendors
  • Compare multiple vendor offerings
  • Keep within budget


DSO-Negotiated Pricing Contracts for Dental Offices

Preferred pricing contracts are available across the board for your dental office needs, from suppliers to products to lab rates. The perks of partnering with a DSO to make these contracts work is that you are guaranteed benefits like:

  • Consistency: Get your orders on time, every week or every month, with the right amount of product in the order, exactly as you requested it.
  • Quality: Always receive excellent products that are not faulty or problematic, so you don’t experience any downtime or run into complications when you’re tending to a patient.
  • Predictable results: Get the same excellent service and quality products with every order.
  • Solid reputation: Work with the best in the industry who have build their reputation on great service and superior pricing contracts.
  • Good communication: Work with people who know your office’s needs and are always ready with your regular products or recommendations for new items.
  • Excellent rates: Pricing contracts lock in negotiated rates that suit your budget, preferences, and dental office needs.


Get DSO Support with Pricing Contracts

It can be difficult to manage the pricing contracts for your dental office when you’re managing so many other aspects of running a business. Through Independence Dental DSO, you will get support and expertise and benefit from stellar pricing contracts and excellent service.