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You can do incredible marketing, pull out all the stops, get your name in multiple places, but this will all be for nothing if you don’t prioritize reputation management. What other people say about your dental practice is critical to the success of your business. Independence Dental DSO has the expert marketing team on hand to help guide you in managing your name online – and making sure it always looks good.

Establishing the Foundation of Reputation Management for Dentists

It’s more important than ever for dentists to have an excellent reputation, especially with social media, online review sites, and any other sources of user-generated content. When people are searching for a dentist, the first thing they do is go online and, when they find you, research you in multiple locations. It’s not a fancy website they’re in search of, it’s the input of your patients, past and present, that tells them whether you are the right dentist for them.

Solid, ongoing reputation management is about:

  • Increasing positive reviews
  • Minimizing negative reviews
  • Watching major review sites
  • Delivering personalized responses to all reviews, good or bad
  • Engaging daily

When you have a reputation management team that is dedicated to working for your dental practice and armed with a thoughtful strategy and constant monitoring techniques, you can focus on growing your business and letting someone else worry about your standing online.

Managing Your Online Reputation

Consumers trust online reviews as much as personal, word-of-mouth recommendations. The easiest and most cost-effective way to build trust with potential customers is with a positive reputation – but you must cultivate it first.

You want prospective patients to get an excellent first impression of you and your dental practice when they read your online reviews. But what do you do if there is one negative review that’s getting in the way? Here are some facts to know:

  • Every review counts: A negative review can travel at the speed of light online, being posted, shared, reshared, and more in a matter of seconds. Just one negative review can stain your reputation and turn away new patients.
  • Reputation management takes work: You don’t have to allow bad reviews to sit online with a life of their own. You can influence how the public views your dental practice and even retain customers who might have gone in the opposite direction by responding quickly and leaving a kind personalized response validating their thoughts and expressing how you want to make their experience right, better, or different.
  • Your clicks could suffer: Do you see numbers going down when it comes to website clicks or visits? Have you even lost longstanding customers to competitors with better reviews? Your credibility, once established, is not a sure thing. It needs to be nurtured daily to increase your brand trust.
  • The proactive approach is everything: Don’t wait until a negative review pops up to start engaging with online reviewers. Respond to the people who have good things to write too. Add five-star reviews to your website. And always be ready to deliver personalized responses to any negative reviews.

Get the Support Your Dental Practice Needs Through a DSO

Your first thought about reputation management may be, “I don’t have time for this.” Independence Dental knows you’re busy with your actual job of treating patients and helping them maintain their oral health. That’s why joining a DSO like ours will help you. Choose the services you need the most assistance with, and we deliver the experts with their tools and time to support your endeavor.

If you need help with reputation management, Independence DSO will connect you with the right people to help your dental practice thrive. Contact us today for a consultation.