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DSO Benefits

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Partnering with Independence Dental DSO delivers incredible perks to any dental practice. You will no longer struggle to do all the chairside and back-office work on your own or with a bare bones team – you will have a partner as you work to manage day-to-day operations and long-term objectives. The DSO benefits are there for you to take advantage of when the time is right for your practice and your ever-evolving goals.

Plentiful DSO Benefits When You Partner with Independence Dental

Opening your dental practice to a partnership with anyone is a daunting prospect, but Independence Dental has designed a program to ease your mind, enhance your daily life, and keep your practice going strong than ever. Transitioning your dental practice has never been easier with a partnership that is tailored to meet your needs.

We offer the following DSO benefits and more:

  • Full clinical autonomy
  • Above market valuation
  • Optional administrative support
  • Seamless transition
  • Retain ownership in your practice
  • Keep your brand
  • Guaranteed employment of all staff
  • Optional group discounts
  • Ability to participate in continuing education
  • Option to acquire parent company shares
  • Efficient back-office managers

Independence Dental DSO is passionate about quality dentistry. We are long-term relationship builders and have an established professional team with a successful track record and decades of experience to help you with every branch of your practice.

Benefits and Services from Independence Dental DSO

We offer a host of support services at Independence Dental. Many of these DSO benefits are on an as-needed basis, ready to deliver assistance as your dental practice requires. Services include:

  • Bookkeeping support: Outsource the day-to-day financial minutiae of running your office, including payroll, so you can be completely focused on the dental health of your patients.
  • Consultative sales training: Get focused sales training from experts so you can improve your success rate of chairside conversions and convince your patients to get the procedures they need.
  • Digital workflow options: Get ushered into a new way of doing dentistry with high-tech, 3D tools that make treatments better, faster, and less expensive.
  • Human resources support: Get the help you need to staff your office with the right people and run the back office so you can focus on chairside care.
  • Marketing support: With customized marketing support you can learn how to market your practice in the right way at the right times using the right tools for the greatest conversions.
  • PPO negotiation solutions: Partner with us and increase your PPO reimbursements, improve your ROI, minimize patient loss, and create new patient opportunities.
  • Preferred lab rates: Partner with the right lab through our DSO, which has already vetted the facilities and established preferred lab rates that suit your practice.

Enjoy DSO Benefits for Your Dental Practice

At Independence Dental DSO, we consider our strong values to be part of the DSO benefits our partners enjoy:

  • Partnership: We believe in cooperating as a team to reach our common goals.
  • Respect: We keep our promises, take responsibility, and work to instill confidence in our staff, patients, and stakeholders.
  • Empathy: We seek to understand our partners and patients and treat them as unique, valued individuals.
  • Fairness: We strive to treat everyone equitably and equally.

Our community is filled with like-minded dental practice owners who believe the future of dentistry rests in collaboration and partnership. You don’t have to do it all yourself – there is support to be had, and profits to be made. Independence Dental offers exceptional DSO benefits to help you meet your patients’ needs while managing the challenges you and your team face every day.

Take the next step in your career – maximize your success, deliver oral health solutions to patients, and do it all while supported. Contact us today.

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