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Patient Financing

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Patient Financing

The difference between a patient who says “yes” to dental treatment and a patient who says “no” is often the price tag attached to a procedure. Most dental patients are more stressed about cost than whether the dental work will be painful or take a long time. Your dental office can offer attractive, reasonable patient financing with help from Independence Dental DSO while increasing conversions and improving long-term patient relationships.


Gain Partnerships with Competitive Discount Rates

Offering basic discounts for your patients is great but having truly significant discounts is a gamechanger. Though some patients might love your practice, their devotion to you and your team isn’t going to stop them from shopping around for the best financing deal when it comes to costly dental procedures. If someone offers the same dental care but has better financing, a patient will be tempted to shift their loyalties.

It takes hard work and great confidence to convince patients they need the work you’re telling them about, and it certainly helps to have excellent patient financing options to back up your sales talk. Even if someone is interested in cosmetic dentistry and trusts your practice and skills, they are likely to shop around for the best rates for elective treatments that don’t need to be done right away.

By working with an established DSO, you gain financial partnerships that allow you to present your patients with competitive discount rates like:

  • 0% and low-interest financing
  • Multi-year payment plans
  • Automatic recurring payments
  • No unnecessary fees or expenses
  • No hidden fees
  • No early payment penalties


Convert Patients with Attractive Payment Plans

When you offer your dental patients attractive payment plans, they suddenly see the dental work ahead of them as far more accessible. While one lump sum can be daunting, seeing the work broken down into manageable, low-price payments makes major procedures like porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, Invisalign, and dental implants seem within reach.

It’s important to have attractive patient financing for restorative dental care too. Some patients are reluctant to get the work done to correct damage, decay, or misalignment. They’d rather suffer with what they have than pay for dental treatment. It’s your job to convince them that they need your care, so their problems don’t worsen and require even more costly repairs – and having good patient financing can help you do that, especially for:

  • New patients
  • Patients with minimal or no credit history
  • Patients with poor credit history
  • Patients who need multiple dental procedures
  • Patients investing in major dental treatments


Some patients may walk out your door after a consultation about the cost of the dental care they need or want. Others will be ready to get the work done immediately. Often, what sways people in one direction nor another is an accessible and manageable payment plan. Aligning yourself with a DSO that can make offerings like this possible for you and your patients is the smart move for any dental practice.

Partner with Independence Dental DSO for Patient Financing

Dental offices must offer quality patient financing right along with the other benefits they provide to the people who rely on their team. Dentistry is critical healthcare need for everyone, and it should feel affordable for every person so they can get the care they need for their teeth, gums, jaw, and mouth.

If you’re ready to learn more about how to up your patient financing offerings, consult with the team at Independence Dental. A DSO can give you major benefits that you can pass on to your patients. Contact us today to get started.