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The world has gone digital – and that includes dental practices. When you leverage digital technologies at your office, you can deliver more effective treatment procedures and eliminate time-consuming, costly steps. Align yourself with Independence Dental DSO to learn about the revolutionary new digital workflow that can transform your dental practice into the most efficient, modern dental office around.


How InstaRisa 3D Facial Scanners Work

Independence Dental DSO has a preferred agreement in place to deliver a revolutionary new digital facial scanner and workflow to our partners: InstaRisa.

There was a time when sticky, messy impressions were the norm, an unpleasant reality for patient and dentist alike. Now, dental procedures are easier all the way around when they begin with digital research through the likes of technology like InstaRisa:


  • Treatment planning: See the result before you begin through clear digital imaging so you can nail down the details and achieve a perfect result.
  • Predictability: Certified dentists and labs work together to deliver exactly what was promised to patients. There are no surprises and smile makeovers come together just as they anticipated thanks to the InstaRisa technology.
  • Cost effectiveness: The unique digital workflow is a cost-effective option that requires a significantly smaller capital investment for dentists. You can streamline, simplify, and standout with low investment costs.


Have Confidence in the Offerings of Your Dental Practice

The goal in offering benefits like InstaRisa and its counterparts is to modernize and revolutionize the dental industry. Work with a DSO that offers these digital workflow benefits and you will receive:


  • Training in simple and efficient workflows
  • The capability to carry out more procedures
  • The secret to cost-effective treatment options

From dentures to implant overdentures, crowns to bridges, dental implants to full-arch All-On-X hybrids, your work will be more efficient and precise with a digital boost.


Enhance Your Dental Practice with Digital Technology

Your patients trust you and your dental practice because they know you and believe in your abilities and offerings. When you can give them something even more than they have become accustomed to, you will really have a patient for life. Likewise, new patients will be drawn to a dental practice that promotes its modern digital offerings.

When you have a digital workflow embedded into your dental practice, you can:


  • Deliver better, faster, less expensive treatments
  • Offer high-tech treatment procedures
  • Reduce the number of appointments
  • Eliminate lab techs for conventional conversions
  • Deliver complicated dental procedures with confidence.


Benefits of a Digital Workflow Partnership

In a digital workflow partnership, you aren’t just issued new technology and left to figure it out on your own. InstaRisa, 3D scanners, and other digital advancements are accompanied by careful, integrated training. You learn not only how to use the machines but how to bring patients in the door, improve conversions, and deliver effortless restorations.


  • Get innovative technologies and techniques
  • Use 3D facial scanning
  • Eliminate expensive photogrammetry
  • Deliver precision dentistry

Most of all, an InstaRisa connection allows you to expand your practice’s offerings, delivering more sophisticated and high-end restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry options to patients.


Inquire About Partnership with Independence DSO

Dentists want to see the big picture. They want to see what’s ahead and know every potential roadblock before it arises. Facially generated treatment planning lets you view the bigger picture, a more in-depth look at what’s happening in your patient’s mouth, rather than just an impression.

Learn more about InstaRisa and the digital workflow benefits that come from aligning yourself with Independence Dental DSO. We are committed to elevating your dental practice to the next level and giving you the time and energy to do the work you love most. Contact us today to find out if you’re a good candidate for a DSO partnership.