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Key Elements of The Independence DSO Difference!

Independence FAQ

Will I have to re-brand my practice?

No. Independence DSO works with your current brand. We believe that your brand has name recognition in your local community and is worth holding onto.  Rebranding services are available, upon request.

Will I have to sell my practice?

After years of building a successful dental practice, you’re expected to just hand over the keys? Not with Independence DSO. We recognize the fact that your practice would not be the same without you. That is why we allow all of our partners to retain ownership of their practice.

What will happen to my employees?

Your employees represent one of the largest investments you have made in your practice. At Independence DSO, we recognize the value good employees bring, and we guarantee the employment of all staff.  Human resource counsel is available upon request.

What about management fees?

We don’t charge management fees because we don’t intend to manage you.

Traditional DSOs typically charge a management fee of 58% of collections. With Independence, you only pay for the help and support you want and need. All back-office support is provided, but we want all of our partners to continue to operate without micromanagement. We are investing in you because you are already successful.

What services do you offer?

All of our services are optional; you only pay for the services you need.Our Preferred Partnership Agreements have been built with industry leaders and are proven to drive growth. Our services include:
  • Marketing
  • Digital Workflows
  • Pricing Contracts
  • Remote Consultations
  • PPO Negotiations
  • Sleep Apnea Services
  • Sales Training
  • Preferred Lab Rates