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3 Ways to Reduce Dental Employee Turnover

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Potential dental office employees always prioritize salary and benefits when applying or interviewing for a job. From health insurance to vision insurance, dental insurance to retirement benefits, the job of a dentist’s office is to support an employee’s present and future to create happy employees and reduce employee turnover. The key, however, to ensuring a strong, lasting team are perks that go beyond the obvious.

Look for Results-Oriented Candidates

Many dental practices prioritize upbeat, outgoing personalities that will put patients at ease and keep the social atmosphere of the office moving right along. While being friendly and similar traits are important, it’s just as critical to evaluate candidates on the results they have gotten in previous jobs.

Achieving – in any industry, not just in dentistry – is motivating. If your candidate can show that they have put their mind to the tasks at hand and worked to make them come to fruition, it’s a good sign that they are a results-oriented individual who can set a goal and achieve it.

Deliver Thorough Training

Even if you’re planning to hire someone who has previous experience at a dental practice, take the time to train them properly on the ins and outs of your office. It’s essential to tell your employees how you want things done, how the office is run, and what’s expected of them at all turns.

A learning management system is an excellent place to start with onboarding, and it’s critical to train new employees on regulatory compliance, consultative sales training, the digital workflow of your office, and more. This training also empowers employees to work independently, make tough decisions, and feel confident in everything they do.

Cultivate a Great Working Environment

Some people love their job because of what they do and some also love it because of who they work with and where they work. Your dental office can be one of those places.

Create an organizational structure and let it be known how every employee fits into it, but be sure to share the goals of your practice and the necessity of how each position fits into the whole. Everyone is important.

Above all, let your employees know just how integral they are to your dental practice. Their attitude, efforts, and work ethic contribute to the whole – you expect certain efforts from them and you honor the time and energy they give to your office. People can work anywhere – make them continue to want to be part of your team through motivation, compliments, and rewards.

Get Support from a DSO with Dental Employee Turnover

As an established DSO, Independence Dental is ready to help your dental practice find the right tools to create an excellent working environment with minimal dental employee turnover. You love what you do – shouldn’t your employees be just as happy? The vibe in your dental office carries through to patients, and when positivity is everywhere, dental anxiety and low conversions will be nowhere in site. Contact us to learn how we can help your office.