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Halloween-Themed Dental Marketing Tips

halloween-themed dental marketing independence dental dso

October is a long month, which makes it a great time to invest in Halloween-themed dental marketing efforts that will draw attention and convert interested people into new patients. There are many ways to use the season to your advantage. Implement just one of the following tips and you can significantly affect the numbers of people who rely on your practice.

Tweak Reputation Management

Improving conversion rates begins by tweaking reputation management – and you have a major say in how your dental office is perceived by others. The Halloween season is supposed to be about fun, so even though dentistry is serious, you can show your patients you know how to have a good time through dental marketing efforts. A little lightheartedness in an atmosphere where drills, needles, and pain are dominant associations is a positive move. Break out costumes and wear them all month in your office. Decorate with pumpkins and jack o’ lanterns, spiderwebs and battery-operated candles. You could even hand out bags of candy that’s “good” for your teeth, like peanut butter cups or chocolate bars. Always be ready to pose for a photo with a patient and encourage them to post the shots online.

Use Seasonal Marketing

Make the most of the season and participate in a candy buyback program. Create your own collection effort or join a sanctioned group that donates extra candy to the troops. Not only do you make parents happy to get that excess of sweets out of their house, you give kids an opportunity to do something good for others while they earn a few bucks – and spread goodwill about your dental practice to the community.

Offer Giveaways

It pays to give new patients a gift. Something as simple as a free T-shirt emblazoned with your logo can be powerful enough to bond them to your practice. Then connect it to social media promotions. For example: Post a photo of yourself in your Halloween costume wearing our tee and don’t forget to tag us! You could win a gift card to your favorite restaurant!

Your patients will feel like a connected influencer and have a great excuse to post their Halloween gear on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, or whatever platform you designate as they vie for your giveaway, whether it’s tickets to a local sports game, ear buds, or even a water pik. What’s in it for you? Enthusiastic patient dental marketing that you don’t have to do yourself.

Connect with Kids

If you have a pediatric dental practice or offer pediatric services at your family dentistry practice, this is the month to bring in the kids and families. Pumpkin decorating contests and costume suggestions for the dentist can be a big hit. Surprising young patients with cat ears, clown wigs, vampire teeth, or colored contacts during their appointment will make every visit memorable and cement the “fun” of dentistry for kids, especially at Halloween. Know your audience and cater to them, young and old alike.

Make the Most of Every Season

Independence Dental is a DSO that is ready to help you make the most of the dental marketing opportunities available. Contact us to schedule a consultation and learn about the many easy ways you can boost the prominence and conversion rates of your practice.