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5 DSO Non-Clinical Support Services That Help You Focus on Patients

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You want your dental office to run as smoothly as possible, with every member of your team well-versed in their specific tasks. You want a well-trained, knowledgeable support system behind your hands-on dentistry, and the best way to get non-clinical support services that let you focus on your patients is through a dedicated dental service organization (DSO).

1. Bookkeeping Support

You can simplify and streamline payroll, never miss a payment or deadline, and enjoy a single solution to all your financial needs through your DSO’s bookkeeping support. Instead of you being distracted by the daily financial nuances of running a dental office, you can have an in-office team with DSO support that manages bookkeeping, tax prep, all accounting matters, insurance claims, and more. Your office will never miss a deadline with this single solution for all your financial needs that allows for practice growth.

2. Dental Plans Support

The goal of every dental practice is to attract more patients, help more people, and increase revenue, all at the same time. Through dental plans support from your DSO, you can outsource some of the most tedious and time-consuming tasks to a partner that has the time to dedicate to your business. Every dental team has responsibilities, but sometimes there are simply too many things to manage in-house, like third-party plan negotiations, credentialing, and dental coding.

3. Payroll Support

If your dental team isn’t paid in a timely manner, turnover will be high. Payroll support through your DSO, however, keeps all payroll going where it’s supposed to go week after week. If you run a smaller dental practice, chances are you and all your employees are pulling double duty and managing tasks that shouldn’t really fall on your plate – like the books. And this is one area where screwing up because you’re distracted or overloaded is unacceptable. Payroll support delivers timely, accurate payments and prevents problems.

4. PPO Negotiations

Does your dental office participate in preferred provider organizations (PPOs)? If so, you know that working with several healthcare providers draws patients in because it can minimize their dental care costs. Obviously, though, the goal is to increase the profitability of your practice. How do you increase revenue without dealing with the nitty gritty details of PPO negotiations? Work with a DSO. You’ll get help with tedious credentialing, plus you can enjoy incredible investments like increased PPO reimbursements, increased new patients, and the ability to offer patients flexible payment terms.

5. Training

When you have new employees, you want them to hit the ground running but you don’t necessarily have the time and bandwidth to train them in every facet of your practice, nor do your other employees. DSO training systems train employees to bring in new patients, understand compliance, and develop the confidence to work at your practice, interact with patients, and court potential patients.

Get the non-clinical support you need from Independence Dental DSO, which is ready to buoy both the clinical and non-clinical aspects of your dental practice. Contact Independence Dental DSO to learn more about partnership options.