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Brush Up on Case Presentation Coaching to Improve Treatment Acceptance

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Poor treatment acceptance is the kiss of death for any dental practice, affecting profitability, proficiency, and productivity. Plus, when you present a case to a patient and they do not agree, they leave your office without the dental care they need, leaving them susceptible to additional oral health complications. Brushing up on the best ways to close cases with case presentation coaching can be the difference between a “yes” and a “no” at your dental office.

Budget Enough Time to Deliver a Treatment Plan

If you don’t have enough time to do something, you set yourself up for failure. The same applies to case presentation – you need the time and space to convince a dental patient to accept treatment. Consider the following:

  • You want a patient to potentially spend thousands of dollars on a treatment.
  • Convincing someone to invest significantly in dental care usually doesn’t happen in five minutes.
  • Several minutes also isn’t enough time for a patient to get comfortable and share their concerns or ask questions.

When it comes to case presentation coaching, smart parameters include:

  • Putting all your attention on the patient without leaving the room to tend to another patient.
  • Budget enough time to answer questions and concerns.
  • Make sure your dental team does not interrupt or rush either of you.
  • Bring the patient back for a dedicated consultation time if neither of you have time to discuss right that minute.

Focus on Patient Understanding

Dental patients need to be clear about what they’re putting their money into when it comes to investing in dental care. It’s difficult for a person to do this when they don’t understand exactly what they’re paying for – because, for most people, the cost is the most important element of their dental circumstances.

It’s essential to help patients understand why they need the treatment plan presented to them when working to close a case. No one wants to purchase something expensive that they don’t understand the value of. They need to know why the dental work is necessary and the potential consequences of not getting it done.

  • Use simple terms that are easy to understand.
  • Avoid clinical terminology.
  • Encourage the patient to ask questions.

Don’t Be Hesitant to Talk About Costs

No one gets dental care for free. Your patients know this, though some may have excellent dental insurance that covers the procedures they need and want to have done. The mistake comes in not discussing the cost of the care at all – it’s a reality and needs to be addressed.

Getting the costs of dental care out in the open can be uncomfortable for all involved. It’s the dentist’s job to explain the critical nature of a procedure regardless of cost. The patient is most likely to listen to the dentist and his or her recommendations. Do your best to deliver straightforward information about the fee, insurance, and even patient membership plans.

Get Help with Case Presentation Coaching

When you run a dental office, your priority is teeth, but getting patients to agree to the dental care they need is how you take care of teeth. Get support for case presentation coaching from Independence Dental DSO. Contact us to discuss partnership options.