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Why Your Dental Practice Will Benefit from a Learning Management System

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Want your dental team to learn about a new technology? Want your front desk staff to get up to date on a certain software? Need to train a new employee? A learning management system (LMS) for dental teams is designed to deliver instruction through simplified messages in a timely manner – and it’s all done online conveniently and for a minimized cost.

Learning Management System Options

When it comes to training materials, a customized LMS allows you to create, manage, organize, and deliver learning systems for your dental team. A dental-specific learning management system offers the following types of onboarding and continuing education options:

  • Compliance training: Online regulatory training must be completed by every member of your practice within a certain timeframe. Dental practices especially know the risks of non-compliance. What makes avoiding this danger easier? An LMS that offers accurate and readily available training records. Compliance focused training programs offer a streamlined process and exacting results across the board.
  • Online learning: Most busy professionals appreciate the option to take a course online instead of attending it in person or having to take time off work to get the learning done. Online learning is convenient, minimizes costs, and doesn’t interrupt familial obligations for employees or require them to travel. A learning management system delivers employee support and engagement, so every member of your team gets the full education – from consultative sales training to marketing support – that you need them to have without leaving the comfort of your dental office or their own home.
  • Onboarding training support: Every employee needs adequate and thorough onboarding as they join your dental team. Doing this the right way can be the difference between an employee who sticks around and one who doesn’t really feel married to your practice. When an employee feels confident that they know valuable information and that they are considered a valuable member of the team, they are far more likely to stay at the place that invested time, energy, and resource in them.

The Perks of an LMS for Your Dental Practice

There are many benefits of using a learning management system in your dental practice, including the following:

  • Cost saver: It’s far less costly to educate your employees on the premises than to send them to a continuing education or training program.
  • Time saver: Travel time, participation, hotel stays – offline continuing education classes take plenty of time and pull employees away from the practice, but an LMS keeps things on the premises.
  • Flexible: Employees can complete some elements of their training on their own time or at your dental office, whichever you allow.
  • Consistent: Every employee will have the identical points covered through their LMS so there are no points missed across the board.
  • Improved engagement: Speed and economy through the LMS make it easy for learners to comply with the system, stay engaged, and retain information.

Get a Customized Learning Management System for Your Dental Practice

Take advantage of what the virtual world can offer your very much hands-on dental practice. Through learning management systems, everyone on your team can feel supported, prioritized, and valued. Get the help you need through Independence Dental, your dedicated dental service organization. Contact us today to learn more about how the LMS can work for you.