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3 Valuable Marketing Techniques for Your Dental Practice

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There are many things you can do to market your dental practice, from maintaining a blog on your website to sending regular e-newsletters. These marketing techniques are great, but they aren’t enough to get the word out about what you’re doing at your dental office. Here are three of the most valuable marketing moves you can make today.

Social Media

There are many social media outlets, but it’s important to choose one, maybe two, that is best for your dental practice. Platforms like Instagram are dentist-friendly because they allow you to post multiple photos (great for before-and-after pics) and descriptions of the work you did for that patient. You can use existing hashtags or create your own so your followers can keep an eye on your unique work or search for particular treatment results.

Think about what your practice is like, the kind of treatments you deliver, and your typical clientele – you need to find people where they are, you can’t expect them to find you. Once you figure out where your people are hanging out, create a presence, populate it regularly, and publicize your user name.

Review Generation

Plenty of patients may have great things to say about your dental practice, but are they saying these words loud enough? It’s up to you to get the word out about your patients’ love, and that happens through review generation. There are many ways to do this but some of the easiest and most popular methods include the following:

  • Create a Yelp page and send your patients there to post a positive review.
  • Ask patients to post a kind review and before and after photos of their smile on your business Facebook page.
  • Write down patients’ words of praise in the office and ask their permission to post their photo and quotes on your Instagram page.
  • Shoot a brief video endorsement from your patient and post it to social media.
  • Have all sources of reviews automatically populate a 5-Star Review section of your website so interested patients can see the love all in one place.

Face-to-Face Marketing

Sales or marketing, marketing or sales – the conversation that turns a regular patient into a patient who’s chosen to undergo an important procedure thanks to your words can be whatever you want to call it.

Consultative sales training is an optional DSO service that partners often select so they and their team can learn advanced sales and training techniques. These skills make it easier to deliver information to patients and persuade them to accept their diagnoses and say yes to the dental care they need most for their oral health.

Get Marketing Support for Your Dental Practice

All these marketing techniques and services are possible through the help of Independence Dental DSO. When you partner with us to improve your practice, you automatically have access to dozens of back-office resources as well as a menu of additional support methods that can improve how your business is marketed and how your community sees you.

Joining a DSO isn’t about rebranding – it’s about making what you already are that much better. Find out if aligning with Independence DSO is the right move for your dental practice. Contact us today to learn more.