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4 Things Human Resources Support Does for Your Dental Practice

The most successful dental practices are finely tuned operations that have dedicated human resources support to carry out the tasks you don’t have time for and shouldn’t have to do as the expert and leader of your team. With HR assistance and persistence, you can build a thriving, motivated staff and your dental practice can reach its full potential.

1. Hire the Right People

The right professionals for your dental practice know their roles and stick to them. Consistency is key in dentistry and you need to trust that your dental assistant is going to have the right tools and supplies at the ready for every procedure, that the dental hygienist will properly vet and tend to a patient’s basic oral health, that the front desk staff is ushering in new patients and satisfying existing ones.

The right hires reduce your mental load while reducing turnover. Human resources support is trained to identify the ideal candidates – from front desk employees to new-patient coordinators, dental assistants to dental hygienists – and select the most promising people to add to your team.

2. Train New Hires

New employees may come in as experienced dental professionals or just-out-of-school newbies. Either way, they’ve never worked for your practice before – a dedicated HR team shows a new hire how to be an asset and succeed at the job for which they’ve been hired. This support and thorough training imbues confidence in new employees for the work ahead.

Most dentists don’t have time to do this training, and neither do the hygienists who are seeing their own patients, the assistants who are helping the dentist, or the front desk staff who are managing visitors and scheduling. New employees bloom under human resources support.

3. Boost Company Culture

It’s easy to boost company culture at your dental practice if you have the time to dedicate to this effort. Most dentists do not have the time, but improving company culture is part of your HR team’s job description.

HR buoys staff by recognizing progress and achievements, often through annual appraisals, delivering internal applause to motivate employees, reduce turnover, and identify gaps in training and development. Appraisals deliver a dedicated time to connect one-on-one with an employee to provide clarity about expectations for their performance, giving them the opportunity to sink into the job and do exactly what is needed of them.

4. Retain Employees

The initial training of new employees is one of the biggest keys to retention. Employees who feel confident about their efforts and output and know they are appreciated will feel more tied to your dental practice and stick around longer.

With human resources support, you can focus on providing quality dental care while the HR experts ensure that employees are engaged, happy, and deeply invested in the success of your practice.

Get Human Resources Support from Independence DSO

At Independence DSO, we attract top talent and help you keep your employees longer. The human resources support we offer is tailored to the specific needs of your team and frees up your time to deliver dental care and not worry about the day-to-day logistics of your office. Contact Independence Dental DSO to discuss the needs you have at your dental practice and outsource your human resources demands.