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5 Must-Have Features on Your Dental Website

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All dentists need a solid online presence. Search engines are the top method for people who are seeking information, including a “dentist near me.” Google can find someone a new dentist in seconds with a few choice search terms. Having a solid, information-rich website with relevant, timely content is a critical marketing tool to showcase that you’re a well-established, knowledgeable, reliable dentist. Here are just some of the essential features for any dental website.

1. Smile Gallery

Dental patients want to know how well you do your work. The greatest evidence of your success is in before and after photos of satisfied patients. A dedicated smile gallery is a great website addition so people can see what’s possible if they have similar oral health problems or cosmetic complaints. And, it’s fun to look at these transformations. Traffic will find you and stick around in this appealing atmosphere.

2. Blog

So many pages on a dental website are static. You’re not going to add more to the teeth cleaning page, for example. A blog, however, can be the most active part of your website, where you post regular, engaging articles about what’s happening at your practice, telling patients about certain procedures, or celebrating holidays and seasons with dental suggestions. Google likes new content – this is where you make it happen.

3. Reviews

Those five-star Google reviews are priceless reputation management. Incorporate them into your website. You want people to see just how much patients love you and appreciate you, how complimentary they are about the work you’ve done and life-changing smile makeovers you’ve created. Create a separate page just for reviews or add them to the sidebar or homepage.

4. Contact Us

This is a given for every website. Visitors need to know your street address (consider including an interactive map too), hours of operation, phone number, and email. An online form is also a good idea for anyone who has a question right at that moment, as well as a link to remote consultations.

5. Schedule an Appointment

This can be on your contact page or separate, but patients will love you forever if you give them the opportunity to schedule their own appointment just by looking at what’s open on your calendar. So many people dread calling the dentist’s front desk and going through dates and times to find something that’s suitable for all involved. If you can provide an accurate online booking system, do it. And add a link to a New Patient Form so they can onboard conveniently and digitally.

Everything Else

It should go without saying that you need an SSL certificate that shows visitors their data is secure when they are on your site. An About Us page, Services page with subcategories, Payment Options page, and more are also necessary. The appearance of your website matters too – but not nearly as much as the content, especially calls to action on every page. Tell your site visitors what to do next and where to go.

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