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5 Times of Year to Get Customized Marketing Support

It is an incredible accomplishment to build a business from the ground up, hang out a shingle, and call yourself a dental practice. It is another feat to market that dental practice effectively and continuously. Ongoing efforts should always be present through your website, ads, and social media – but there are also certain times of year that call for a little more marketing fun.

1. The New Year

Capitalizing on a marketing campaign at this time of year is all about one word: resolutions. People are ready for self-improvement, and it’s your job to remind them that a healthier and more beautiful smile is where they should focus. When a patient is ready for transformation, they need to know what you can offer, from porcelain veneers to professional teeth whitening, dental bonding to laser gum dentistry.

2. Summer

The sun shines brighter in the sky and everyone wants to look their best with a mega-white summer smile. Kick off the season with teeth whitening specials, or let your patients know how they can quickly and easily spruce up their grin so they’re ready for fun in the sun. Practices that offer Invisalign are wise to focus on summer-related promotions. There’s no better time of year to get treatment started.

3. Back to School

This is a great time of year to upgrade your smile so you look good in front of the classroom, in a desk, or volunteering at school events. Pushing cosmetic dentistry options is an excellent way to get folks thinking about how to get an A+ smile, and get them in the chair to experience your consultative sales approach. Or focus on oral health and offer a teeth-cleaning special or perk like free take-home whitening trays to first-time patients.

4. Halloween

Halloween is the least favorite holiday of many dentists. They will see patients with fillings pulled out by sticky sweets, teeth broken by hard candy, and cavities galore from a month of overindulging. Marketing your practice with plenty of oral health care tips and cleaning specials is a no-brainer. Consider participating in a candy buyback program to engage with and contribute to the community.

5. Holiday Time

Who doesn’t love looking good during the holidays? Parties, work events, family gatherings, time with friends – everyone wants to be their very best. Remind patients that a smile makeover at this time of year is an ideal way to gift themselves – a reminder that they’re special too and deserve to indulge a little in a long-lasting smile upgrade.

Get the Word Out with Savvy Marketing

Marketing to your patients and potential patients requires a multi-fold effort that can include email newsletters, social media posts, YouTube videos, blog posts, and updated notices on your website. There is always something to celebrate – you just need to find the best way for it to fit into your dental practice.

Dental marketing isn’t difficult, but it does take time and dedication. If you simply don’t have time to capitalize on the seasons, partner with Independence Dental DSO and enjoy the expertise and energy of experts who can devote themselves to developing effective marketing solutions for your unique dental practice all year long. Contact Independence DSO today to get started.