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Make Your Own Luck with Consultative Sales Training

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When every patient who consults with you says yes to the treatment you recommend, that can feel like a lucky streak. Maybe there is a little bit of luck to it, maybe some good timing, but there’s something else too – strategic planning skills gathered from consultative sales training.

Comprehensive Sales Techniques for Dental Care

Your goal professionally is to provide your dental patients with the oral health care they need to improve their smiles. The disconnect occurs for many dentists and their teams when it comes to selling these services to their patients.

Some people have sales skills and others don’t, but you can certainly learn the techniques to persuade individuals to do what is best for them. Even though you’re more focused on the science and art of dental care, you need to be able to do more than just talk about a dental procedure – you need to persuade a patient with case presentation coaching about why they need it and why they need it now.

Consultative sales training helps you hone the skills to make your patients understand why a porcelain crown is better than a tooth-colored filling, why they need a filling at all when their tooth seems just fine, why porcelain veneers are the better choice for their smile than teeth whitening. The language you use, the terms you employ, and the genuine nature with which you deliver your messages are all competencies that can be learned.

The Needs-Based Approach to Sales

The consultative sales approach is needs-based. You want to speak to a patient’s specific needs at this moment. Convincing them that they need quality dental care or deserve a cosmetic dentistry smile makeover is all about appealing to their needs. Closing a case is straightforward:

  • Build a strong relationship with the patient.
  • Understand their oral health problems, concerns, and goals.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • Be an active listener.
  • Develop solutions to their dental challenges.

The goal, always is to encourage your patient to be invested in their treatment. Work with them, don’t just give out your own advice without encouraging a dialogue. Even though you know what the ultimate dental care needs to be, discussing it with your patient makes them part of the solution so they feel valued and feel like an active participant in their oral health care, whether they’re getting Invisalign or dental bonding.

Say “Yes” to Consultative Sales Training

When you have your sales pitch down, when you know just what to say to encourage a patient to get the dental care they need, their “yes” feels like a major success. Even if they don’t always say yes, it’s a comfort to know that you and your team did your very best to impart to them the importance of oral health care. It’s out of your hands when it comes to patient decision-making, but you can do everything possible to get every patient to say yes with help from consultative sales training.

Get the sales help and conversion techniques you need with support from Independence Dental Services. At Independence DSO, we’re ready to arm you with the tools to successfully market, convince, sell, and convert every patient. Schedule a consultation today.