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The 5 Keys to Closing Cases at Your Dental Practice

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As a dentist, you know how important oral health care is, you know when certain dental procedures are necessary, and when other dental treatments will help a person be the best version of themselves. How, though, do you convince a patient to do what’s best for them? Closing cases requires a mixture of knowledge, sales, psychology, and expertise.

1. Listen, Listen, Listen

Yes, you know what’s best when it comes to teeth, but closing cases is about more than knowing what’s right, it’s about hearing your patients’ perceived needs. Even if they don’t know what they’re talking about, even if they’re babbling on a little because of their dental anxiety, allow it. Be patient, and simply listen – really hear them out.

2. Capitalize on What Motivates Your Patient

When you truly listen to your patients, you will discover whether they are moved by fear, money, ego, or something else entirely – and that information tells you how to capitalize on what motivates them, reassures them, and gets them to say yes to your recommendations.

3. Offer Your Expertise

Give your patient your resume, figuratively anyway. Tell them you’ve completed hundreds of Invisalign cases, placed thousands of porcelain crowns, or completed hundreds of dental implants. Numbers, details, facts, and figures prove your knowledge and training are all relevant and fulfill your patient’s expectations. Consider it a little in-office marketing.

4. Flatter Your Patient

Many patients are nervous about dental procedures – even if they don’t have anxiety about being in the chair, they may be worried about the results. What will they really look like with that smile makeover, those porcelain veneers, that professional teeth whitening? Don’t be afraid to reassure your patients and let them know just how much younger, healthier, and happier they will look with improved teeth and how their self-confidence will go through the roof.

5. Know Your Patient

Closing cases is about you and your dental practice, sure, but it’s also all about the patient. You need them to say yes to you, and they will only accept a treatment plan when it makes sense to them in all ways. Patients say yes emotionally but justify intellectually. You need to be prepared with all layers of information to satisfy your patients’ needs.

Increase Case Acceptance

The experts at Independence Dental DSO deliver the educational tools and consultative sales training you and your dental team need so you can increase your rates of closing cases. Case presentation is a delicate thing, and simply delivering facts isn’t enough – it’s how you deliver details, in what order, and with what kind of urgency that will sway a patient. This is all compounded by the reality that every patient is different and has their own set of needs and expectations.

You can motivate your patients to say yes when you’re fully prepared to manage their needs, address their questions and expectations in the moment, and – sometimes – create a sense of urgency. Get the help you need to learn and adopt exceptional case presentation skills. Closing cases will be easy from here on out.

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