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Top 5 Tips for Recruiting New Providers

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You’ve set a standard for your dental practice. Your employees know what you expect from them and what responsibilities are under their umbrella. The task still falls to you, however, to ensure that your dentists and hygienists continue to deliver the best clinical care daily – and that begins with successful recruitment.

1. Choose Likeminded Providers

Some dentists are committed to continuing education. Others find it a drag. But dentistry is a field that continues to evolve. If new innovations and developments are a tenet of your practice, tell your DSO partner that you want the biggest bookworms they can find when they’re recruiting for new providers. Likeminded providers share your goals and values and are dedicated to improving if you are.

2. Be Clear About Your Expectations

No one can read minds, least of all your providers. Your DSO will talk to you first about how you want potential providers to be vetted – what’s your baseline, what do you consider best practices, what are your ultimate expectations? – and then seek out the most qualified people for your team. Your brand is what it is and to support it, you need people committed to upholding your dental beliefs.

3. Establish Key Performance Indicators

Key performance indicators (KPIs) show the greatest level of patient care from all your providers. Establishing clear KPIs and making them known to your entire dental team lets everyone know – before they become an official part of your office – what elements are critical to maintaining a solid foundation for your dental practice. You can demand excellence, and if your providers match – a certainty your DSO will deliver – together you will deliver positive patient care and team support.

4. Have Goals for Growth

Where do you see your practice in six months, a year, 10 years? How much do you want the practice to grow? Will you open another office, or will you stay where you are? Dream about the future, then figure out what’s realistic given your revenue cycle, number of patients, and team. If you can envision your dentistry practice months or years from now, your DSO can search for candidates who have the same mindset, who might be just right to put in charge of another branch or team within your practice. Know how much you want to grow – and with what kind of people.

5. Establish a Robust Onboarding Process

You can evaluate new hires before they become fully ensconced in your dental practice by implementing a robust onboarding process. Introducing providers to departments that will impact their work, laying out clinical protocols and expectations, and observing as they interact with teammates and patients sets them up for success and allows you to weigh dynamics, personality, and whether someone will be a good fit for your team.

Recruiting new providers isn’t always easy. It’s good to have help and support, someone to do the difficult vetting for you and find the professional who suits your dental practice. Find out how you can partner with Independence Dental DSO about recruiting and more. Contact us today.