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22 Sep
switch dental labs independence dental dso
Is It Time to Switch Dental Labs?
Category: News, Preferred Lab Rates
Have you been less than satisfied with the quality of the veneers, dental implants, dentures, porcelain crowns, or other restorations coming from your preferred dental lab? You don...
08 Sep
employee benefits independence dental dso
Identifying Benefits for Your Dental Team? Get DSO Support
Category: Benefits, News
It’s a smart idea for every dental practice to build a robust benefits program for all their employees, from hygienists to front desk staff to dental assistants. Dental teams...
17 Aug
patient demographics independence dental dso close cases
Close More Cases: Know Your Patient Demographics
Category: Case Presentation Coaching, Closing ...
From young adults to parents to divorcees to senior citizens, patients always fall into several categories depending on where they are in life. You can get as specific as you like ...
07 Aug
dental marketing back to school independence dso
Dental Marketing Tips for Back to School
Category: Marketing, News
The most effective dental marketing efforts during back-to-school season target different groups as well as promote a variety of dental procedures. People want to look their best w...
12 Jul
increase patient conversions independence dental dso
3 Ways to Increase Patient Conversions in the Summer
Category: Case Presentation Coaching, Closing ...
Many people prefer all rest and relaxation in summer. They don’t want to get their teeth cleaned or deal with a dental problem. But warm weather doesn’t discriminate – if someone n...
29 Jun
dental plans support independence dental dso
4 Ways Dental Plans Support Gives Your Practice Independence
Category: Dental Plans Support, News
Celebrating your freedom anytime of year is a great idea, but it’s especially poignant to consider the many options your dental practice has for independence beginning on July Four...
19 Jun
dso non-clinical support services independence dental
5 DSO Non-Clinical Support Services That Help You Focus on Patients
Category: Bookkeeping and Accounting Support, ...
You want your dental office to run as smoothly as possible, with every member of your team well-versed in their specific tasks. You want a well-trained, knowledgeable support syste...
05 Jun
graduate to new digital workflow independence dental dso
Graduate to a New Digital Workflow
Category: Digital Workflow, News
The new year is not the only time to initiate fresh plans for your dental practice. You can take advantage of holidays and special times of the year to make changes that benefit yo...
18 May
case presentation coaching closing cases independence dental dso
Brush Up on Case Presentation Coaching to Improve Treatment Acceptance
Category: Case Presentation Coaching, Closing ...
Poor treatment acceptance is the kiss of death for any dental practice, affecting profitability, proficiency, and productivity. Plus, when you present a case to a patient and they ...
02 May
dental patient membership plan for seniors independence dso
Tips to Design a Dental Patient Membership Plan for Seniors
Category: News, Patient Membership Plans
Senior patients are usually retired, on a budget, and experiencing unique physical and health circumstances. They are special dental patients who need a little extra TLC. One of th...