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Why Love Has Everything to Do with Closing Cases

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Most patients’ objections to necessary dental care are incredibly personal. It might not seem like their reasons for saying no are personal – in fact, their reasons might seem downright cold and sometimes a little ridiculous – but their feelings have everything to do with dentistry. What every patient needs from their dental team is a little bit of love to help them overcome their concerns – and to get you closing cases.

Be Kind About Dental Anxiety

This is dentistry 101: Be kind when your patient is anxious about visiting the dentist. You know that a great number of people who come through your front door are nervous about spending time in a dentist’s chair, even if it’s just for a cleaning let alone a major procedure.

Your patient may not reveal their worries, and they may simply disappear after a recommendation for restorative dentistry. Practicing careful and understanding case presentation helps you break through a person’s fear, whatever the source of their anxiety. Lay out all your comfort measures and sedation dentistry options, including your flexibility in helping them to get the comfort they need so they feel at ease before and during a procedure. They will truly love you for it.

Offer Lovable Financing Options

Money is always a determining factor in dental care whether patients have dental insurance or not. Through strategic case presentation coaching, you deliver the costs of a procedure that the many ways a patient can cover it, so they feel comfortable saying yes to the work they need to have done.

Regardless of a person’s budget, make it clear that there are multiple viable payment plans that allow for affordable treatments, including dental insurance, low financing credit cards, family discounts, prepayment benefits, and more. Love and money, in this case, are a powerful pair.

Clarify Gentle Pain Minimizing Measures

Acknowledge that, yes, there can be pain with some dental procedures, but be honest about just what kind of pain is possible for their particular procedure. Will they only feel some tugging during an extraction, or will they feel some sharp pains during a root canal? Will they need pain medication after everything is over to ease their discomfort or will they come out just fine and feeling great?

Don’t sugarcoat anything when you know what the potential outcome can be. Love is sharing the truth about discomfort – even better if you can then deliver an even better outcome – and reassuring patients when closing cases that pain will be minimized and eliminated where possible through careful comfort measures.

Show Support

Get the consultative sales coaching you need to help your dental team show your patients the love they need and convert them into permanent patients. The goal, of course, is to help people achieve excellent oral health, but also to pursue the dental care they need – with your practice. Share the love with the right words, understanding, and sales methods to encourage patients to prioritize their oral health. Schedule a consultation with the experts at Independence Dental DSO.