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Your Patients Are Your Best Dental Marketing Strategy

What’s your practice’s latest dental marketing campaign? If it isn’t patient-based or doesn’t somehow revolve around your patients, you’re not making the most of the resources at your fingertips. Yes, potential patients want to know about the amazing cosmetic dentistry, life-altering restorative dentistry, pain-reducing periodontal treatment, and sleep apnea magic you offer. But do they want to hear you, the dentist, talking about all this, or do they want to hear from patients who have had success? The answer is the latter. And the marketing strategy is easy.

The Basic Ways Your Dental Practice Gets Discovered

New and existing patients might have been referred by a friend or family member or found you through their insurance company. But there is just as good a chance they Googled “dentists near me” and your office popped up. If so, that’s great! Someone on the backend is doing the work to get you to show up in searches.

These methods, though, only get people to know you exist. Now the question is: How do you convert interested parties into real patients who stick around?

Elevate Your Patient-Based Dental Marketing Strategy

Potential new customers are going to poke around your website and social media to see if they like what you’re offering, and they want to see other patients and whether they’re happy with their experience at your practice. You can show interested folks they’re in the right place by tweaking your dental marketing strategy with patient-based ideas such as:

  • Before and after gallery: One of the most satisfying things to see on a dental website is a patient’s teeth before their smile makeover and after. The dental work speaks for itself.
  • Online reviews: Include links to 5-star reviews. These golden endorsements reinforce the true feelings of true patients.
  • Social media savvy: Post before-and-afters, reviews, and happy patients on social media while also engaging and tagging and reposting so patients see you’re invested in everyone’s smile happiness.

Make Time for Savvy Dental Marketing

Now we get to the reality of dental marketing: Who has time to do it and do it well? When you are aligned with an expert DSO like Independence Dental Services, we do the work for you. We know you want to stay chairside and help your patients and create smile makeovers that change lives. Our team develops the marketing plan, gets your name out there, and helps grow your practice on the backbone of existing, satisfied patients.

Allow existing patients to communicate for you and often. You can still showcase your value, stories, and practice, particularly on your website’s About Us page. But potential patients don’t know or trust you yet – they do trust the influencer who leaves out fancy jargon and simply gets their message across, like, “You should get porcelain veneers from Dr. X because they will make you look 10 years younger and feel like a movie star.”

Outsource your dental marketing needs to the experts at Independence Dental DSO. Contact us today to learn more.