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19 Jan
marketing techniques independence DSO
3 Valuable Marketing Techniques for Your Dental Practice
Category: Marketing, News
There are many things you can do to market your dental practice, from maintaining a blog on your website to sending regular e-newsletters. These marketing techniques are great, but...
06 Jan
DSO candidate independence dental
Is Your Dental Practice a Good DSO Candidate?
Category: DSO Candidate, News
You’ve been thinking about scaling back your practice, or maybe even retirement. You’ve considered selling your practice or bringing in new blood to reenergize the place. These are...
13 Dec
dental sleep medicine independence dental dso
Why Every Dental Practice Should Offer Dental Sleep Medicine Treatment
Category: Dental Sleep Medicine
Sleep disorders affect quality of life and, if left undetected and untreated, can have serious health consequences for the sufferer. Many people who are diagnosed with sleep apnea ...
09 Dec
marketing support independence dental dso
5 Times of Year to Get Customized Marketing Support
Category: Marketing, News
It is an incredible accomplishment to build a business from the ground up, hang out a shingle, and call yourself a dental practice. It is another feat to market that dental practic...
18 Nov
Independence Dental DSO why choose DSO
4 Reasons to Align Your Dental Practice with a DSO
Category: Bookkeeping and Accounting Support, ...
Feeling overwhelmed by everything you must take care of at your dental practice? Tired of being the one to shoulder the heavy load? When you align with a dental support organizatio...
15 Nov
consultative sales training independence DSO
3 Signs a Dentist Needs Consultative Sales Training
Category: Consultative Sales Training, News
Dentistry is what you love, but it isn’t a skill that comes naturally. You had to go to dental school to learn to be a dentist, to get experience and develop the artistry that the ...
25 Oct
increase case acceptance sleep apnea therapy independence dso
5 Ways to Increase Case Acceptance for Sleep Apnea Therapy
Category: Dental Sleep Medicine, News
Offering a service to your patients is one thing, getting them to accept that treatment is quite another. Improving your case acceptance numbers for dental sleep medicine and sleep...
14 Oct
preferred dental lab rates independence dso
How to Know a Dental Lab Is Right for Your Practice
Category: News, Preferred Lab Rates
Your dental practice is only as successful as the dental lab with which you align yourself. Without satisfactory output from a qualified lab, your ability to perform effective dent...
30 Sep
bookkeeping and accounting support independence dso
Simplify Your Dental Practice by Outsourcing Your Bookkeeping
Category: Bookkeeping and Accounting Support, ...
When you become a dentist, you want to practice dentistry, not do the books, configure payroll, and deal with insurance matters. The business side of running your business is criti...
18 Sep
human resources support independence dso
4 Things Human Resources Support Does for Your Dental Practice
Category: Human Resources Support, News
The most successful dental practices are finely tuned operations that have dedicated human resources support to carry out the tasks you don’t have time for and shouldn’t have to do...
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