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24 Apr
benefits dental team independence dental dso
Simplify, Streamline, and Boost Benefits for Your Dental Team
Category: Benefits, News
You’re a dentist but you’re also a business owner – both are a significant undertaking. One of the biggest things you must do is take care of your dental team. Without your team, y...
10 Apr
Independence Dental DSO cosmetic dentistry closing cases
Closing Cases: 4 Ways to Convince Patients to Get Cosmetic Dentistry
Category: Case Presentation Coaching, Closing ...
Cosmetic dentistry is an art form and so is the technique of closing cases and getting patients to say yes to a customized smile makeover. Everyone has their own reason for sitting...
20 Mar
patient membership plan independence dental dso
Why It Pays to Offer Patient Membership Plans
Category: Patient Membership Plans
Your patients have plenty of options when it comes to finding a way to pay for dental services. They can opt for dental insurance through an employer, choose a dental membership ne...
06 Mar
consultative sales training independence dental services dso luck
Make Your Own Luck with Consultative Sales Training
Category: Consultative Sales Training, News
When every patient who consults with you says yes to the treatment you recommend, that can feel like a lucky streak. Maybe there is a little bit of luck to it, maybe some good timi...
21 Feb
revenue cycle management RCM Independence Dental DSO
5 Ways to Improve Revenue Cycle Management
Category: News, Revenue Cycle Management
The financial health of your practice is wholly dependent on your office’s ability to focus on patient care. RCM makes this possible. Another name for revenue cycle management (RCM...
20 Feb
Independence Dental Services Organization Welcomes Buffalo Prairie Dental to its Growing Family of Dental Practices
Category: News
Independence Dental Services, an integrated dental services organization (DSO) is pleased to announce that they have partnered with three-location practice, Buffalo Prairie Dental....
11 Feb
love closing cases independence dental dso
Why Love Has Everything to Do with Closing Cases
Category: Case Presentation Coaching, Closing ...
Most patients’ objections to necessary dental care are incredibly personal. It might not seem like their reasons for saying no are personal – in fact, their reasons might seem down...
19 Jan
recruiting recruitment dentists independence dental dso
Top 5 Tips for Recruiting New Providers
Category: News, Recruitment
You’ve set a standard for your dental practice. Your employees know what you expect from them and what responsibilities are under their umbrella. The task still falls to you, howev...
05 Jan
patient membership plans independence dental dso
5 Reasons to Implement a Dental Patient Membership Plan
Category: Marketing, News, Patient Membership ...
There are a whole lot of people out there who aren’t visiting your dental practice, and it’s mostly because they don’t have dental insurance and believe that dental care is unaffor...
20 Dec
dental marketing independence dental dso new year
New Year’s Resolutions for Dental Marketing
Category: Consultative Sales Training, Marketi...
Dental marketing is never static. There is always a new way to advertise, whether online or on paper. There are new ways to leverage social media, opportunities to upgrade your web...