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21 Sep
dental practice training independence dental dso
3 Reasons to Get DSO Support for Dental Practice Training
Category: Consultative Sales Training, Learnin...
Providing adequate training is one of the biggest keys to employee retention in a dental office. Sure, your staff also need a good working environment, kind coworkers, and interest...
07 Sep
consultative sales training closing cases independence dental dso
Rely on Consultative Sales Training for Closing Cases
Category: Closing Cases, Consultative Sales Tr...
Sometimes, a dentist’s job is about persuasion. You might believe you shouldn’t have to convince a patient to get dental work that’s for their own good, but sometimes you do. And s...
26 Aug
learning management system independence dental dso
Why Your Dental Practice Will Benefit from a Learning Management System
Category: Learning Management System, News
Want your dental team to learn about a new technology? Want your front desk staff to get up to date on a certain software? Need to train a new employee? A learning management syste...
04 Aug
back to school dental marketing independence dental dso
Capitalize on Back-to-School Dental Marketing
Category: Marketing, News
If you often struggle to come up with new and effective ideas for creative dental marketing, all you need to do is look at the calendar. There is no better time of year to point ou...
20 Jul
dental marketing social media instagram independence dental
The Secrets of Social Media for Dental Marketing
Category: Marketing, News
Combining your dental practice with social media may not seem like a natural pair, but every business benefits in today’s culture from going where the people are – and they’re on s...
06 Jul
payroll support independence dental dso
5 Reasons Your Dental Practice Needs Payroll Support
Category: News, Payroll Support
Dental offices often experience high turnover among dental assistants, hygienists, and front desk employees. One of the best ways to keep your team satisfied and staying put is by ...
16 Jun
dental website independence dental dso
5 Must-Have Features on Your Dental Website
Category: Marketing, News, Reputation Manageme...
All dentists need a solid online presence. Search engines are the top method for people who are seeking information, including a “dentist near me.” Google can find someone a new de...
13 Jun
reputation management independence dso five-star reviews
Get 5-Star Ratings with Reputation Management
Category: News, Reputation Management
You want every patient to leave a review about their visit to your dental practice. You especially want them to leave 5-star reviews. So how do you encourage patients to give you g...
25 May
preferred dental lab rates help from independence dso
How a DSO Gets Preferred Dental Lab Rates for Your Practice
Category: Preferred Lab Rates
Most dental practices use more than one dental lab to create restorations, orthodontic trays, and cosmetic upgrades for their patients. Unfortunately, not every relationship with e...
09 May
closing cases independence dental dso
The 5 Keys to Closing Cases at Your Dental Practice
Category: Closing Cases, Consultative Sales Tr...
As a dentist, you know how important oral health care is, you know when certain dental procedures are necessary, and when other dental treatments will help a person be the best ver...