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26 Apr
increase dental patient volume independence DSO
5 Ways to Increase Dental Patient Volume
Category: Dental Sleep Medicine, Marketing, Ne...
There are plenty of important tasks that need to happen every day at a dental office, but the number one goal of every dental practice is to maximize dental patient volume. A pract...
21 Apr
dental marketing independence dso
Your Patients Are Your Best Dental Marketing Strategy
Category: Marketing, News
What’s your practice’s latest dental marketing campaign? If it isn’t patient-based or doesn’t somehow revolve around your patients, you’re not making the most of the resources at y...
25 Mar
remote consult independence DSO
5 Reasons to Incorporate Remote Consults Into Your Dental Practice
Category: News
You’re not a physician, a psychiatrist, or a therapist – you’re a dentist, and the work you do is hands-on. Face-to-face. Hands-to-mouth. What good could video-based remote consult...
08 Mar
PPO negotiations independence dental DSO
Make Sure Your PPO Negotiations Are Fair
Category: News, PPO Negotiations
When dentists participate in PPO negotiations, they do so with the expectation that they will be sent new patients who are seeking an in-network dentist in exchange for agreeing to...
07 Feb
fall in love with DSO model
Reasons Dental Practices Fall in Love with the DSO Model
Category: Bookkeeping and Accounting Support, ...
Many dentists with thriving practices reach a point where they want to make a change, breathe new life into their office, or alter how they spend their daily hours. Aligning with a...
19 Jan
marketing techniques independence DSO
3 Valuable Marketing Techniques for Your Dental Practice
Category: Marketing, News
There are many things you can do to market your dental practice, from maintaining a blog on your website to sending regular e-newsletters. These marketing techniques are great, but...
06 Jan
DSO candidate independence dental
Is Your Dental Practice a Good DSO Candidate?
Category: DSO Candidate, News
You’ve been thinking about scaling back your practice, or maybe even retirement. You’ve considered selling your practice or bringing in new blood to reenergize the place. These are...
09 Dec
marketing support independence dental dso
5 Times of Year to Get Customized Marketing Support
Category: Marketing, News
It is an incredible accomplishment to build a business from the ground up, hang out a shingle, and call yourself a dental practice. It is another feat to market that dental practic...
18 Nov
Independence Dental DSO why choose DSO
4 Reasons to Align Your Dental Practice with a DSO
Category: Bookkeeping and Accounting Support, ...
Feeling overwhelmed by everything you must take care of at your dental practice? Tired of being the one to shoulder the heavy load? When you align with a dental support organizatio...
15 Nov
consultative sales training independence DSO
3 Signs a Dentist Needs Consultative Sales Training
Category: Consultative Sales Training, News
Dentistry is what you love, but it isn’t a skill that comes naturally. You had to go to dental school to learn to be a dentist, to get experience and develop the artistry that the ...